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Additional Proxy Materials

While annual meeting season for calendar year-end companies is heading towards the home stretch, numerous companies are still filing additional proxy materials. We have seen companies file these materials this year in various contexts, including to deal with an adverse voting recommendation from ISS or to provide additional disclosure. One…

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Form 10-Q Reminders

We wanted to provide two reminders on Form 10-Qs being filed for the quarter ended March 31, 2022. MD&A Amendments Apply.  This is the first Form 10-Q report that companies with a December 31 fiscal year end will file that is subject to mandatory compliance with the SEC’s 2020 amendments…

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Remote-Only Company SEC Filings

Numerous public companies have declared themselves a “remote-only” or “remote-first” company. Recently, we learned that the SEC Staff will not declare a registration statement effective unless the company provides a physical address on the cover page of its registration statement in response to the requirement to disclose the address of…

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