Form 10-K Checklist & Guide

To assist public companies with their securities compliance obligations, Goodwin’s Public Company Advisory Practice has prepared a Form 10-K Compliance Checklist and Form 10-K Compliance Guide. Form 10-Ks are one of the most important disclosure documents that companies file with the SEC. It is absolutely critical that a company tell its story about the business while also ensuring that they adhere to the various legal requirements.  To this end, we have prepared a Form 10-K Checklist and Guide.

Some of the topics covered in the Checklist and Guide include the following:

  • Trending Disclosure Topics (COVID-19, ESG, Human Capital, and Cybersecurity)
  • SEC Rule Changes (Selected Financial Data, MD&A, New Item 9.C)
  • Technical Compliance Matters (Practice Tips for Complying with Various Disclosure Requirements)
  • Business Updates (Best Approach to Updating the 10-K for Business Developments)