SEC Rulemaking & Corporate Governance Developments

Given the volume of SEC rulemaking and other corporate governance developments, public companies are frequently looking to understand the current state of play. In response, we have prepared the following presentation discussing SEC rulemaking, anticipated timing of such rulemaking, and selected corporate governance developments relevant to public companies.

This presentation covers topics such as: (1) Pay for Performance rules; (2) Universal Proxy rules; (3) Compensation Clawback rules; (4) Rule 10b5-1 Plan proposed rules; (5) Cybersecurity proposed rules; (6) Climate Change proposed rules; (7) Schedule 13D/G modernization; (8) Human Capital rules to be proposed; (9) Board Diversity rules to be proposed; (10) Evolving Board Diversity Expectations; (11) ESG Matters; (12) Governance in a Time of Market Uncertainty; (13) Selected Delaware Law Developments; and (14) SEC Enforcement Landscape.